Chaozhou, Zhanjiang and other regions actively promote the construction of 5G base stations and smart light poles

On August 30, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Guangdong Provincial Standard "Technical Specifications for Smart Light Poles", which regulates the planning, design, construction, testing and acceptance, operation management and maintenance of smart light poles. Effective from 1st October.

Chaozhou, Zhanjiang and other regions actively promote the construction of 5G base stations and smart light poles

The news in October showed that the Office of the Leading Group for the Promotion of the Development of Information Infrastructure in Guangzhou issued the "Three-year Action Plan to Accelerate the Development of 5G in Guangzhou (2019-2021)", which clarified that 65,000 5G base stations will be built in Guangzhou and accelerate the promotion of wisdom Light pole.

Recently, Chaozhou City and Zhanjiang City have also announced that they will actively promote the construction of smart light poles to facilitate the rapid development of 5G.

According to the Chaozhou Daily, Chaozhou actively promotes the planning and construction of 5G networks. Currently, a total of 49 5G base stations have been officially opened, and another 55 base stations are under construction.

At the same time, Chaozhou City is also actively promoting the pilot construction of smart light poles, and plans to launch pilot smart light poles in Chengxin Road and Chengxin West Road, with 226 new smart light poles.

The Zhanjiang Daily reported that 188 smart light poles have been built in Zhanjiang, mainly distributed around Chikan Jinsha Bay. The smart light poles built in Zhanjiang at this stage have realized communication coverage, video surveillance, LED display and street light functions.

Next, Zhanjiang City will vigorously develop the 5G application construction of smart light poles, integrating more functions, such as traffic lights, cameras, car dispatching, weather monitoring, environmental monitoring, one-click help, etc., to promote the construction of smart cities.


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