Seven advantages of intelligent lighting control system

1. Improve management level and reduce maintenance costs

The museum building area is generally large, manual maintenance is cumbersome, and the application of intelligent lighting control systems converts the artificial on and off of ordinary lighting into intelligent management, enabling managers to apply their high-quality management awareness to the lighting control system. At the same time, the operation and maintenance costs in the museum are greatly reduced.

Seven advantages of intelligent lighting control system

2, intelligent control is simpler

The intelligent lighting control system is adopted to make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state. The system works according to the preset lighting modes such as opening, duty, cleaning, and security. These lighting modes will automatically switch to each other according to the present time. .

3. Protect lamps and extend life

Protecting lamps is actually a way to save energy. The fatal cause of lamp damage is mainly due to excessive voltage. The higher the operating voltage, the life of the lamp is doubled. Therefore, appropriately reducing the working voltage of the lamp is an effective way to extend the life of the lamp. The intelligent lighting control system can successfully suppress the surge voltage and surge voltage of the power grid, so that the lamp will not be prematurely damaged due to the above reasons. The soft start and soft shutdown technology are used to avoid the thermal shock of the filament and further extend the life of the lamp. Intelligent lighting systems can usually extend the life of lamps by 2 to 4 times, which not only saves a large number of lamps, but also greatly reduces the workload of replacing lamps, which effectively reduces the operating costs of lighting systems.

4. Considerable energy saving effect

The intelligent lighting control system uses advanced power electronics technology to intelligently adjust the lights in the control area. When the outdoor light is strong, the indoor illumination is automatically dimmed. When the outdoor light is weak, the indoor illumination is automatically dimmed. The indoor illumination is always maintained near a constant value, so that natural light can be fully utilized to achieve energy saving purposes. In addition, the intelligent lighting management system adopts methods such as setting the working state of the lighting, and avoids the phenomenon of "changing lights" in the lighting area through intelligent automatic management. The unused lighting scenes are started according to the law of lighting use. The light does not need to be used at full load, and achieves a good illuminance effect, which greatly saves electricity.

5. Improve the display environment and improve the display effect

The use of light colors, projection methods and different brightness levels can create a sense of three-dimensionality, layering, and different colors of the atmosphere, which not only makes visitors have a comfortable living environment, but also produces a sense of artistic appreciation. In traditional lighting control systems, lamps equipped with traditional ballasts flash at a frequency of 100 Hz. This flicker makes the staff and visitors swollen and tired. The dimmable electronic ballast in the intelligent lighting system works at a very high frequency (40 ~ 70KHZ), which not only overcomes the flicker, but also eliminates the brightness instability during the onset, which provides health and comfort for the audience. At the same time, the display effect is also improved.

6. Convenient installation and saving cables

The intelligent lighting system uses a bus-type system and uses a commonly used UTP six-type line as the control bus to connect the various input, output, and system support units in the system. The large-section load cable is directly connected to the lighting fixture from the output unit end. Without having to go through the switch. There is no need to consider any control relationship during the installation. After the entire system is installed, the address coding of each unit module is set by software to establish the corresponding control relationship. Because the system only uses load cables to connect between the output unit and the load, compared with traditional control methods, it saves a lot of cables that were originally connected to the switch, shortens the installation and construction time, and saves labor costs.

7. Intelligent lighting system is safe to use and linked with fire protection system

Intelligent lighting adopts the 485 industrial bus technology that conforms to international trends and modern specifications, and has completely separated the strong and weak electrical wiring. The strong electricity all go to the ceiling or wall. The control method is weak electricity to control the strong electricity. The guests and managers control the electrical equipment through remote control, computer, weak electricity wall switch, etc. All the human body contacts are safe and weak electricity. The source has eliminated potential safety hazards. Linkage control with other systems, fire linkage, BA system, etc.


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