Guangdong Province Zhuhai launched 20 road lighting renovation

Recently, the reporter learned that the sixth batch of road pavement “Baijiahei” transformation in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province has started, and 20 roads including Shanchang Road will complete the road reconstruction and beautification within the year. 

Guangdong Province Zhuhai launched 20 road lighting renovation

The “white plus black” transformation refers to the concrete layer of the cement concrete pavement as a base layer of the pavement, and a layer of asphalt concrete is added to form a combined structure of a rigid base layer and a flexible surface layer.

It is understood that after the completion of the reconstruction of the mountain road, the main driveway will be widened from the current two-way concrete into a three-way three-lane asphalt cover.

At present, the main lane is not enclosed and is still available for normal traffic. The “Engineering Signboard” placed on site shows that the project name is the sixth batch of road pavement reconstruction and beautification project in Zhuhai City, and the construction period is from October 1st to November 31st, 2019.

According to the Zhuhai Municipal Highway Bureau's previously issued “The Sixth Batch of Roads in Zhuhai City, the Road Pavement Reconstruction and Beautification Project (Phase I) Feasibility Study Report” was approved:

The project is located in the main urban area of Zhuhai City, including 20 roads and 4 battalions of the Armed Police Detachment. The total length of the reconstruction is about 11.70 kilometers, and the total area of renovation is about 240,780 square meters, of which the area within the red line of the municipal road is 185,241 square meters. Meters, the area of shop front renovation is 32,417 square meters, and the area of the armed police detachment is 23,122 square meters.

The current width of the road is 7 to 21 meters, and the number of lanes is 1 to 3 lanes. Chunfeng Road (Dedicated Road ~ Blue Shield Road Section), South Section of Jishi Road is the secondary road, the other is the branch road.


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