Wenzhou improved the lighting of nearly 10,000 primary and middle school classrooms

On the morning of October 27, in a classroom in the First Primary School of Longwan District, Wenzhou City, technician Li Chaozheng re-examined the newly replaced LED lights with an illuminance meter. The results showed that the average illuminance values of the blackboard and the desks were 846 and 468 lux (illumination unit). "It meets the requirements of the eye. Do you feel glare when you stare at the lamp? We specially added a grid to make the light more uniform and softer." Li Chao told reporters. At this point, Wenzhou has improved the lighting of 9,687 primary and secondary classrooms this year, exceeding the planned number by more than 20%.

Wenzhou improved the lighting of nearly 10,000 primary and middle school classrooms

In August 2018, Wenzhou launched the “Alum Tooth” project, which aims to fundamentally curb the high incidence of myopia and dental caries in children and adolescents. In 2019, Wenzhou City listed the project as the first of the ten aspects of the people's livelihood implemented special funds, and the "top leader" personally arrested. Children and adolescents have more causes of myopia, and classroom lighting is not one of them. Therefore, a specific measure of the "Alum" project is to plan to complete the lighting improvement of 24,000 primary and secondary classrooms within three years from this year.

Wen Jia, dean of the Optometry Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and director of the Department of Myopia Prevention, Prevention and Treatment Engineering of the Ministry of Education, said that most of the myopia occurs in primary and secondary schools, and primary and secondary school students spend about 5 to 10 hours a day in the classroom. Classroom lighting directly affects the prevention and control of myopia. “Only in the lighting environment with uniform illumination, no stroboscopic, and low glare, eye fatigue is not easy to occur. The “Standards for Lighting and Lighting in Primary and Secondary Schools” issued in 2011 Standard values are specified. For example, the average illumination requirement of the blackboard should not be less than 500 lux, and the desk should not be lower than 300 lux."

Whether the classroom lighting can meet the standard is the key to the lighting. There are more than 27,000 classrooms in Wenzhou primary and secondary schools. According to the previous planning, 3,000 of them are standard classrooms. The remaining 24,000 lamps are not up to standard, and some of the standard lamps are close to the life of the light source. To this end, the local implementation of two improvements in combination with the actual implementation, such as Longwan District directly replace the more stable, longer life LED lights, Lucheng District is replaced with new fluorescent lights.

After the lighting is improved, teachers and students generally feel that "the eyes are not tired." Zhou Zhaoning, a sixth-grade student at Longwan District First Primary School, said: "In the past, when writing homework, the arm occlusion would leave a shadow, but now it will not. If you read the book for a long time, you will not feel the eyes well." Lin Min, a teacher at Wenzhou Xiushan Middle School, said: “The desks that were close to the lights in the past are brighter, and the distance is darker. There is no such feeling now.”

According to the plan, from 2018 to 2023, the “Ming-tooth” project should achieve an average reduction of 0.5 to 1 percentage point per year for overall myopia and caries rate of children and adolescents in Wenzhou.


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