Intelligent lighting strategy starts with LED

Whether you're thinking about implementing an intelligent lighting system based on the Internet of Things, it's wise to evaluate the most basic elements of a lighting strategy: light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are still widely used, but with the advent of LEDs, this is changing. The LED lighting is not only suitable for office buildings, but also for almost all other types of commercial facilities:

Intelligent lighting strategy starts with LED

Warehouse and industrial environments: Large venues like this benefit from LED lighting because they consume less energy and LEDs can illuminate in a particular direction (unlike incandescent and fluorescent).

Indoor farms: Some high-tech farms around the world are using LED lights to optimize plant growth. They do this by customizing the light "recipes" and can influence how plants grow and how they taste.

Commercial parking: For safety purposes, lighting quality is critical in indoor and outdoor parking facilities. In addition to saving money, security is also one of the reasons why parking lighting has become the fastest growing LED commercial lighting market.

Healthcare facilities: The design of healthcare facilities is for patient comfort, and LED lighting helps create the ideal light output for the environment while increasing efficiency.

Correctional facilities: Correctional facilities have a variety of lighting needs, from cells and activity rooms to lounges and corridors. LED lights do not interfere with safety and the camera, they maintain a uniform, high-quality light, which increases visibility.

Educational facilities: LED lights are ideal for schools with limited budgets, and energy savings can be reused for technology and other educational resources.

Retail Facilities: More and more retailers are using LED lighting to add aesthetic and visual appeal to their stores, creating an exceptional shopping experience. Proper in-store lighting can increase sales.

Because LED lights are naturally friendly to digital controls, they are ideal for IoT applications. IoT LED lighting is the ideal way to achieve maximum savings and gain valuable operational insights that can improve every aspect of your building management.


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