The access requirements of domestic LED lighting products export to North American market

Recently, the North American market has released the requirements for China's LED lighting products to enter the market.

The access requirements of domestic LED lighting products export to North American market

It is understood that the production of LED lighting products in China accounts for the largest proportion in the world, and the export of LED lighting products has become the norm. The North American market is the largest export area of ??LED products in China. The regulatory requirements and market demand for Chinese LED products entering the exporting country market are different according to the policies of exporting countries. The standards for producing LED products will be different, how to meet local regulatory requirements and market demand. Has always been the focus of Chinese manufacturers.

In fact, LED lighting products exported to the North American market need to meet the requirements of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, and chemical testing. Recently, the North American market has confirmed the relevant standards. Details are as follows:

Electrical safety test

Most electrical products entering the US market must comply with the NRTL mark. Electrical products sold in Canada or imported into Canada must be verified and must be completed by a laboratory accredited by the Canadian Standards Council (SCC).

Energy efficiency test

In terms of energy consumption requirements in the United States, LED bulbs and LED lamps have not yet been included in the scope of control. The California region requires mobile LED luminaires to meet the special requirements of California's energy consumption.

In general, there are six requirements: ENERGY STAR Energy Star Certification, Lighting Facts Label Energy Efficiency Certification, DLC Energy Efficiency Certification, FTC Energy Efficiency Label, California Energy Efficiency Requirements, and Canada Energy Efficiency Testing Requirements.

FCC/ICES test requirements

The FCC certification method is divided into three modes: Verification, Declaration of Conformity, and Certification. The type of authentication depends on the type of product.

ICES is Canada's mandatory electromagnetic compatibility requirements for electrical products. The standard for LED light products is currently ICES-005Issue4.


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