Shenzhen Metro will use LED lighting inside

“The appearance is beautiful, the interior of the car is illuminated by LED, creating an atmosphere full of futuristic technology. Some windows are embedded with OLED multimedia display screen...” Recently, the reporter walked into the production of China CRRC Changchun Railway Co., Ltd. In the workshop, I saw the first new car on the West Extension Line of Shenzhen Metro Line 9.

Shenzhen Metro will use LED lighting inside

According to the Shenzhen Metro Group, the subway trains ordered by the new line have begun to be assembled. The No. 9 line west extension train has been manufactured at CRRC Changchun Bus Company and is expected to arrive in Shenzhen in January next year. All 22 passengers are supposed to be 2019. All came in Shenzhen in December. The reporter learned that the trains on the West Line and Line 10 of Line 9 would all use domestic passengers.

It is reported that the new car on Line 9 of the West Line has undergone many improvements:

The appearance of the vehicle is painted with water-based materials, which is non-toxic and tasteless and more environmentally friendly;

The fireproof coating is used under the vehicle, which can ensure that the car body structure is burned without significant deformation within 45 minutes so that passengers can escape in an extraordinary period;

Also, regarding the humanization of the cabin facilities, for example, the handrails, seats, and lumbar support are much improved relative to the original line 9.

Also, on the Shenzhen Metro Line 10 project, CZ Changke also used the permanent magnet synchronous traction technology, which is still the frontier equipment of rail transit, for the first time to improve the efficiency of train operation while saving energy.

"Next Generation Subway Train" uses LED lighting inside the car.

It is worth mentioning that the next-generation subway of CMB Change not only has a high-value appearance but also has an internal setting that attracts “eyeballs” and has made many improvements in environmental protection and humanization.

Different from the traditional subway, there is no separate cab at the front of the car. The lights on the top of the vehicle are more beautiful. The windows are made of the electronic display, which can provide passengers with weather, train station and station entrance and exit information inquiry service.

The carbon fiber body of the next-generation subway, the LED lighting, and OLED multimedia display used in the car not only have a significant effect on energy saving, but also greatly enhance the intelligence of the entire vehicle, and also carry out passenger comfort. Many improvements.


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