How to correctly choose LED headlight products in the era of LED automotive lighting

In the past few years, the mainstream lighting source in the automotive lighting industry is nothing more than xenon lamps and halogen lamps. However, with the development of technology, the application of LEDs in automotive lighting is increasing. From the initial automotive interior lighting applications to the headlights. And a wider range of applications such as combined taillights. In recent years, whether the joint venture is a self-owned brand, low-end or luxury brand, LED lights have become the first choice and standard for many cars. OSRAM believes that LED has become a trend in automotive applications.

How to correctly choose LED headlight products in the era of LED automotive lighting

Ordinary consumers initially consciously contact LED light source products, most of which start with household LED light source products. Before the 21st century, household lighting was the world of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. As more and more consumers increased their awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and improved their quality of life, LEDs began to rise in the home light source and occupied a place after the 21st century. LED has been involved in and has changed all aspects of our lives, and we have vowed that its era has arrived.

In the field of automobile lights, LEDs are not only small in size, high in brightness, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, but also in design and functionality. The LED light source can be matched with the rich shape and line of the lights. It can do many functions that cannot be realized by traditional light sources, such as achieving the precise adjustment of the lights. As the world's top automotive lighting accessories manufacturer, Osram has won the trust of major automobile brands with its mature LED technology and innovative solutions. The Jaguar E-Pace and Jaguar Land Rover 2018 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport headlight systems feature OSRAM SMARTRIX matrix lighting modules, and OSRAM LED Smart Matrix Pixel Headlights to provide the driver with the best visibility and self-contained Adapting to the adjustment function, it can illuminate a specific area of the road with far light without dazzling other road users.

OSRAM SMARTRIX module smart headlight system effectively prevents dazzling drivers

With the widespread use of LED lights and the constant pursuit of high-quality car life, in addition to the original market, the market share of LED lights in the aftermarket is also expanding. Compared with the low light output efficiency and short irradiation distance of halogen headlights, most car owners choose Xenon headlights when upgrading their lights. Now with the maturity of LED headlight technology, more fashionable owners will choose LED headlights are upgraded.

LED headlight technology has matured, many owners have the willingness to use LED lighting equipment to improve the safety of driving, but because of the market price and product confusion, I do not know how to choose LED headlight products. To this end, Germany's century-old company Osram will bring two new LED headlight products to different car owners through the use of mature LED technology advantages and innovative product design and R & D - Osram LED brighter replacement upgrade headlights Light bulbs and a new upgrade to the OSRAM LED headlight system for the ddownerPlus.

Osram LED Brightener replaces upgraded headlight bulb

Osram LED Xunliang replaces the upgraded headlight bulb for the car family design, the biggest feature is the ultra-high cost performance, and no need to damage the lamp can achieve non-destructive installation, delaying the fear of car damage and damage, whether to upgrade The owner of the LED headlights can finally upgrade the lights. Osram's new LED brightener replaces the upgraded headlight bulb to simulate the principle of the halogen lamp. The bayonet and pin are the same as the halogen bulb, and the size is similar to that of the halogen bulb. It is installed quickly in one hour; the fashion is cool white, the LED color temperature can reach 6000K. Brightness up to 40%*, clear and far-sighted, making driving safer; efficient and energy efficient, reducing car battery load and increasing service life.

New upgrade Osram LED headlight system dawner Plus

The new upgrade Osram LED headlight system dawner Plus is designed for the car family, cool fashion black technology is the favorite of the modified enthusiasts. The newly upgraded OSRAM LED headlight system has many advantages, such as a hyperbolic lens and no moving baffle. The near and far light switches instantly respond without delay, and the intelligent electronic switch is more reliable. The cold white of up to 6000K has high recognition of the human eye. It is not easy to cause eye fatigue, the road in front of the car is clearer; the near-light field is wider, the cut-off line is clear, the light distance is longer, the beam is even; the distance light path is brighter and longer, the field of view is wider and safer; Mercedes-Benz, BMW " The Royal Osram LED car light chip relies entirely on independent research and development to produce LED particles, and has the advantages of mature and key LED technology; the smaller size after upgrade can solve the problem of more vehicle installation conflicts, and can also shorten the modification man-hours.

Whether you are a car or a car, whether you are a newcomer to the upgrade of the car lights or a senior veteran driver, Osram has "privately customized" LED headlights for you. LED car lighting wave struck, follow the era to follow Osram to join the LED headlight team, upgrade the LED headlights for the car, let yourself dream of being a social person.


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