LED street light chip technical requirements

LED chips require well-known and mature power products (recommended brands: CREE, LUMILEDS, OSRAM, Nichia or equivalent brands of the same grade and above). Power LED chip packaging technology, low thermal resistance, good heat dissipation, high temperature, high pressure resistant packaging and high refractive index, anti-degradation packaging materials (such as silica gel, silicone resin, high light transmittance glass or acrylic) Improve light extraction efficiency and reduce thermal resistance to ensure the stability, reliability, and efficiency of power LED operation.

LED street light chip technical requirements

(1) Using a polycrystalline integrated chip.

(2) Allowable working junction temperature not less than 125 °C

(3) Single-particle LED chip structure, each chip power ≥1W, LED luminous efficiency ≥100 lm/W

(4) The overall lighting effect of the luminaire is ≥71 lm/W

(5) The thermal resistance of the PN junction to the package base: ≤ 10 °C/W; the test chip solder joint temperature should not exceed 80 °C after 1 hour of operation.


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