2018 What is the trend of China's automotive lighting market?

The consumption of passenger cars in China has developed rapidly, and the penetration rate of LEDs in vehicles has also increased significantly, which has led to the rapid development of the lamp industry. The traditional passenger car base is huge. LEDinside estimates that its automotive LED output value will reach 1.9 billion US dollars in 2022, and the compound growth rate will reach 22% in 2017-2022, which is still one of the most mainstream cars.

2018 What is the trend of China's automotive lighting market?

In terms of exterior lighting, with the price reduction of high-power LEDs and the gradual increase of LED penetration rate, it is estimated that the highest output value of traditional passenger car LEDs in 2022 is headlight products.

In the interior lighting market, the automotive panel is a high-speed growth, and the Chinese panel factory enters the vehicle supply chain to drive the overall demand. LEDinside analysis of the 2022 LED market value of the interior panel will reach 156 million US dollars.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles in China, the maturity of battery and charging technologies, and the introduction of policies for the introduction of new energy vehicles have affected the speed at which traditional vehicle manufacturers catalyze the development of new energy vehicles. For new energy passenger cars, because the brands of the brands are more concentrated and the promotion is also higher, the LED-import opportunities are also the highest. In 2022, the LED output value is estimated to be US$95 million, and the compound growth rate in 2017-2022 is as high as 54%.

In the exterior lighting part, with the maturity of China's LED headlights, the price of far and near lights has also declined rapidly. In addition, the product quality and unit price of China's own brand car manufacturers have gradually gained market recognition, indirectly contributing to the LED penetration of headlights. The rate has increased rapidly, reaching 14% in 2018.

In the interior lighting section, since 2016, low-power LEDs have been continuously verified by the aftermarket. Since 2018, the low-power LEDs used in the pre-installation market have also begun to adopt Chinese local brands, making various applications grow steadily.


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