India to promote low-cost LED bulbs

  India's Ministry drafted a new plan to solve the country's energy crisis, namely facelift LED bulbs.

  Government Announcements, Government of India has proposed to replace all of its capital office incandescent and fluorescent to LED.

India to promote low-cost LED bulbs

  According to Indian government estimates, LED lighting can save about 347,000 kilowatts electricity (about 13% of the country's generating capacity). World Bank statistics show that about 300 million Indians still live without electricity environment.

  State Minister of Ministry of Piyush Goyal estimated that nationwide LED retrofit project can save $ 8 billion per year of electricity supply for 50 million people. Energy savings for those countries dependent on fossil fuels, coal and natural gas to meet its international commitments to reduce carbon emissions is essential.

  In order to further promote the use of LED light bulbs, the Indian government has launched a separate program to 10 rupees ($ 0.16) sell LED bulbs, incandescent and fluorescent lamps is only about half the price, under normal circumstances, LED bulbs retail price of about 500 rupees. Saurabh Kumar, general manager of energy efficiency services joint venture for the project by the Ministry in charge of the establishment.

  However, the government or the company did not provide subsidies for low price LED bulbs. Instead, the goal is to lock the power company. Indian power companies will be sold to certain customers Orimoto power by encouraging customers to switch to LED and reduce electricity consumption, so the power companies to sell electricity Orimoto also decreases.


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