100-240VAC 72w power LED Tunnel light

100-240VAC 72w power LED Tunnel light


100-240VAC 72w power LED Tunnel light, is a new, energy-saving product that utilizes high power led's as light source, MIC LED, it can be directly connected with a 100-240VAC power supply and can also be powered with the optional solar panel kit. The LED color spectrum, there is no ultraviolet light, no infrared rays, no heat, and no radiation produced. As a result, our LED Tunnel Light series are a conventional "green" lighting source.

100-240VAC 72w power LED Tunnel light Specification:

LED Source

 Bridgelux 1W LED

LED Quantity

72PCS x 1W

LED Luminous Efficiency


Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency


Lamp Rated Total Power


Power Efficiency


Lamp Rated Total Luminous Flux

7200 lm

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Ra > 75

Color Temperature (CCT)

Warm White: 2700-3500K

Pure White: 4000-5000K

Cool White: 5000-6300K

Beam Angle

Horizontal Axis: 100°; Vertical Axis: 90°

Light Distribution Curve / Beam Pattern

Rectangular Beam

Input Voltage

AC 90-305V

Frequency Range


Power Factor (PF)


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Storage Temperature

-40- +80

Working Environment

-40- +50; 10% - 95% RH

Working Lifetime

> 50,000 hours

IP Rating


Lamp Body Material

Aluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass

Net Weight

5.5 kgs

Gross Weight



1. Revolutionary Photometric Design- The world's first dedicated optical system (rectangular beam focusing lens). Reasonable control of the light distribution, spot rectangular bean pattern, and ensure an ideal uniformity of brightness on the road surface;

2. Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design- Array Lens play a protective and spot light role, avoid wasteful duplication of light and reduce the loss of light, also reduce the weight of the product and enable simplified structure;

3. Creative Design of the Radiator and Lampholder Integration - Fully protect LED life and heat dissipation requirements, satisfied with the structure and design of LED Lights fundamentally, with the most distinctive features of LED Lights(see attached picture);

4. Direct Replacement Light Source Design - Direct replace the existing high-pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamps, no need to change the original lamp shell;

5. Intelligent Current Control - Intelligent current control, whatever any deviant situation, it is able to achieve the precision constant current, ensure the LED can work under the secure current;

6. No Light Pollution - Light Distribution designed for road lighting, in addition to illuminate the path and will not illuminate the road outside the region. Eliminate the interference signal by the residents of the light into the rest room;

7. No High-voltage, No Dust Adsorption - Eliminate the high-voltage adsorb the dust cause the lampshade become dark, reduce the brightness;

8. Long Life, Up To 50,000 Hours - (Working for 10 hours a day, can be used for more than 13 years), is 5-10 times working life than a traditional sodium or mercury lamp;


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