60W 120W 180W 240W LED street light with aluminum material for sale

60W 120W 180W 240W LED street light with aluminum material for sale


60W 120W 180W 240W LED street light with aluminum material for sale Cree/Bridgelux led chip ;Die-casting aluminum led street light ;0W~240W options ;3years warranty;


ENELTEC has been saling led products for several years, exporting to different countries and districts. The hot sale kind AN-SLM LED street light from 60W to 240W, can be used as solar street light source. Welcome to our company website to learn more information.

60W 120W 180W 240W LED street light Specification:

Input Voltage



Die-casting aluminum

LED Chip

Cree chip or Bridgelux chip for chioce

Lighting Angle

120 degree


3 years

Color Temperature

3000k(Warm white)

6500k(Cool white)


Over 50,000 hours



60W 120W 180W 240W LED street light ADVANTAGE:

1. Low energy consumption: with the M series 60W, 120W, 240W LED street light power can replace 150W, 300W, 600W high pressure sodium street Light directly;

2. Advanced technology: Famous cree chip or US bridgelux 45MIL led chips and high quality power supply are used, realizing long-term reliable and stable working without failure and maintenance;

3. Reasonable light distribution: about 120 lighting angle, and ensure an ideal uniformity of brightness on the road surface, keep the LED lighting efficiency on a high level, no light pollution;

4. Long lifespan: up to 50,000 hours, is 5-10 times working life than a traditional light source;

5. High power factor: over 95%, harmonic distortion rate less than 15%;

6. Environmental-friendly: No lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution;

60W 120W 180W 240W LED street light USAGE:

Airports; Corporate Campuses; Healthcare; Municipal; Schools & Universities; Site & Area; Street lighting; Government

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ENELTEC care so much about the brand enfluences and also the satisfactory experience of our customers. So we always put alot of efforts on the products quality and after sales service. We emphasis on applying for the necessary certificates for our target market , controlling every step of the productions , testing before delivery and tracking each order after delivery.
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