High Power 25x3W LED Grow Light

High Power 25x3W LED Grow Light


High Power 25x3W LED Grow Light is made of metal shell,include 25pcs single 3W LEDs,using aluminum plate and special material for heat dissipation, so it can reduce the weigh of the light and ensure the normal heat dissipation.

Each led with a Zener Diode, to ensure the led works better, if 1pcs broken won't affect others. With 2 build-in fans, which can help dissipate the heat inside the housing effectively. And lower noise when applied correctly. Input voltage is AC85-265V, User-friendly, safe and applicable for any country. Built-in power supply. No need other equipment, just access AC85-265V voltage from the plug, the lamp will be working smoothly, don't need the reflector and ballast either. Lifespan of the LEDs is as long as 30000 hours.

High Power 25x3W LED Grow Light Specification:

Plug Type:US Standard
Light Source:High Power
LED Qty:25 (Red:Blue=8:1)
Measured Power:37.8W
Input Voltage:AC85-265V
Light Color:Red,Blue
Wavelength:Red 620-660nm,Blue 450-470nm
Degrees Of Protection:IP20
Power Source:AC
Irradiation Area:1.5㎡/1m
Body Color:White
Product Size:ø175mm x H60mm
Operating Temperature:-20℃~50℃
Storage Temperature:-30℃~60℃
Warranty:2 Years

High Power 25x3W LED Grow Light Features:

1. 25x3W LED grow light turn out the module, Compared with traditional lights: the main body separation, simple disassembly.
2. Product power line is plugged, it is more convenient than the traditional fixed disassembly, the design become more humane.
3. The wavelength ratio can be customized as per as customer's require. We advise the wavelength ratio is 8:1 to promote plant growth.
4. LED spectrum can be customized, We suggest wavelength Red: 620-630nm and 640-660nm, Blue: 450-460nm and 460-470nm. Red light promote flowering, blue light promote growing leaves. And you can choose the suitable wavelength and color proportion to promote the plants growing.
5. Unique heat dissipation device, thermostatically controlled fans to keep LED light cooling.
6. Built-in power supply, don’t need other equipment configuration, plug AC85-265V directly, simple and safe, do not need the mirror and ballast.
7. Ideal for all phases of plant growth, very good for indoor garden, hydroponic or soil culture.
8. The lighting area and the height will be changed according to the different plants and the environment, and the technology parameter will change.
9. Eco-friendly: no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, no light harmful for plant.

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