best selling 140W led grow lighting sale led plant light

best selling 140W led grow lighting sale led plant light


2013 best selling product Apollo140W 200W 280W 360W 430W 580W 640W 720W led grow lighting led plant light used grow lights sale

best selling 140W led grow lighting sale led plant light Specification:

Output Voltage


Power Supply:

360 W


LED quality

150pcs( LED45mil )

LED type



Red/ blue

LED wavelength

red 630/660nm blue430/473nm

irradiated area

5.1m²/1m 7.5m²/1.5m



LED ratio red/ blue

2:1 6:3 7:2 8:1

Wet Weight


Working temperature


Gross Weight /Size



685*335*135mm 8.2kg



3 years



best selling 140W led grow lighting sale led plant light Features:

1.85 to 264V AC power input, 50/60HZ working frequency, suitable for global residential Energy environment.

2. Revolutionary heat dissipation design, availably alleviate the internal thermal cycle,10/15 Celsius lower than its precursor in performance.

3. Intelligent monitor system, ensure the whole equipment in a good working state.

4. Using advanced isolated power driver, UL standard output voltage which is lower

Than 45V DC. Soft starting protection to avoid the transient currents impact, effectively Protecting the LEDs from high voltage damage.

6. LED aquarium light is lighter and more convenient for shipping, modular assembling Very convenient for maintaining.

7. Modular assembling, no glue and glass design, very easy for repairmen and maintenance.

8. New technology in fans will be more long-lasting, decreasing 50% noise.

9.Built with optical lenses, the Penetration is more outstanding., can be as much as 10-15

Times powerful, available four options of lenses -90 degree, 120 degree.

10. Appearance features are also can be customized, available shell color: red, black, white.

Face shield colors: red, black, white, blue. Vents colors: red, black, white, grey.

11. Use high quality LED trips as light resource.

12. The red wavelength for plants budding and blossoming and fruiting, blue Wavelength for plants photosynthesis and keep growing steadily.



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