Integrated 10W 800-900lm Natural White LED Flood light

Integrated 10W 800-900lm Natural White LED Flood light


Integrated 10W 800-900lm Natural White LED Flood light is widely used for indoor and outdoor application for lighting and illumination, especially for some dark places, like garage and inside hallway. With its induction design, this light can light up automatically. It’s convenient for lighting application. Also, this Integrated Natural White LED Floodlight can be used for a fraction of the cost. For example, this LED Floodlight, using just 10 watts of electricity, is capable of producing up to 800-900 lumens. With its 2-year Warranty and CE certificate, this brand new LED floodlight must be your best choice for energy-saving and environmental-friendly lighting.

Integrated 10W 800-900lm Natural White LED Flood light Specification:

LED Chip:Epistar
Light Source:Integrated
LED Qty:1
Input Voltage:AC85-265V
Input Frequency:50-60Hz
Light Color:Natural White
Color Temperature:4000K-4500K
Luminous Flux:800-900lm
Beam Angle:120 Degree
Degrees Of Protection:IP65
Power Source:AC
Detection Range:12m
Body Color:Grey
Material:Aluminum Alloy

Integrated 10W 800-900lm Natural White LED Flood light Features:

1. Induction Function. Follow the SENS, TIME, and LUX introduction to adjust its Infrared Induction, Light Sensor, and Body Sensor

(1) SENS: To adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Generally doesn’t require adjustment.

(2) TIME: To adjust the delay time of the sensor (long/short time). The delay time means after the sensor senses, then people leave the sensing area, then the sensor delay off time.

(3) LUX: When you set it to the sun position, the sensor works full-time; to the moon position, the sensor work automatically at night (no work during the daylight time).

2. Detection Range: from 2 to 12 meters.

3. Waterproof. This IP65 (IP65=waterproof) LED Floodlight is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. The Voltage range is AC85-265V. This LED floodlight can satisfy much wider voltage (almost for any countries in worldwide range).

5. Energy-saving and Eco-friendly. Adopted the Integrated LED from Epistar.

6. Low power consumption. Using 10 watts for up to 900 lumens of brightness.

7. Best Guarantee. With 2-year Warranty and CE certificate.

8. Made of high-quality Aluminum Alloy, higher light luminous efficacy, better heat dissipation.

9. Natural White light, with 4000K-4500K color temperature.

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