50W IP66 Explosion-proof LED Floodlights

50W IP66 Explosion-proof LED Floodlights


50W IP66 Explosion-proof LED Floodlights energy-saving and long service life power controller compartment,terminal compartment; wind-convection heat dissipation structure.

50W IP66 Explosion-proof LED Floodlights Specification:

Explosion-proof LED floodlights BAT86-
Explosion protection  
Gas explosion protection II 2 G Ex de IIC T5 Gb
Dust explosion protection II 2 D Ex t IIIC T95 Db IP66
Certificates PCEC(China); LCIE 12 ATEX_____, IECEx; FM (USA); GOST.R (Russia)
Conformity to standards

EN 60079-0: 2009, EN 60079-1: 2007, EN 60079-7:

2007, EN 60079-31: 2009


IEC 60079-0: 2007, IEC 60079-1: 2007, IEC 60079-7: 2006,

IEC 60079-31: 2008


Copper-free aluminium, powder coated external surface,

yellow (RAL1021)

Glass cover Toughened glass, stands 4J impact
Power controller

Wide voltage input, CC-CV (constant current - constant

voltage) output, power factor≥0.98, with function of

distributed current, constant current, surge-proof and

anti-electromagnetic interference, and protection against overcurrent, open circuit, and short circuit

Exposed fastener Stainless steel
Lamp specification CREE plural white LED modules
Lamp power (W) 50W, 70W, 100W, 120W
Rated voltage 187 265V AC 50/60Hz
Earthing protection M5 (internal & external earth bolts)
Degree of protection IP66
Ambient temperature -40 °c~+55 °c
Terminal 3 x 1.5 4mm2 (L+N+PE)
Mounting Movable type, fixed type
  Note: Fixed type can be used in horizontal type ceiling type,wall type, etc.
Cable entries G3/4 (NPT3/4 or M25 x 1.5 with reducer on request.)
Cable gland 1 x G3/4 cable gland (DQM-I Ex e, carbon steel)
Applicable cable outer diameter Φ10~ Φ14 (mm)
Energy-saving effect Similar luminous flux, electricity saved by over 70%, LED lamp service life extended by over 3 times, less maintenance expense, and less electric energy loss. Elaboration of plural white LED modules, unidirectional illumination, soft and balanced light, luminous efficiency>90lm/W, high colour
rendering, long service life (50000h), environmental protection.

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