25W 40W 60W IP66 LED Explosion Proof Light

25W 40W 60W IP66 LED Explosion Proof Light


25W 40W 60W IP66 LED Explosion Proof Light CE,Ex proof certificate Meanwell LED driver

25W 40W 60W IP66 LED Explosion Proof Light Specification:

Input voltage




Anti Corrosion Grade


Insulation Grade


Screw Thread


 Cable diameter




 Net Weight


25W 40W 60W IP66 LED Explosion Proof Light Feature:

  1.Customer can choose the 25° or 80°as the beam angle according to the application.

  2.The housing is especially designed to dissipate heat, so that to prolong lifespan of the LED, ensure 100,000hours service life.

  3.The locking device on the bracket will keep the lamp from shift or trembling during harsh vibration.

  4.It adopts American CREE LED as light source, can save 60% or more on energy than the metal halide lamp.

  5.Equipped with Taiwan Meanwell top brand LED driver, ensuring the lamp have a stable performance.

  6.The anti corrosion, abrasion proof, power coated cover which is dust proof, water proof , make the lamp an excellent option for all kinds of high stress environment.

  7.The lamp is flame proof type of protection, designed to be used in all kinds of explosive application.

  8.AC18-43V or DC18-55V is optional for 25w and 40w as customer’s requirement.

  25W 40W 60W IP66 LED Explosion Proof Light Application:

  1) Ideal to be used in the oilfield, chemical industry, steel industry, power, port,Petroleum etc.

  2) harsh environment, moist area.

  3) Zone 1, Zone2

  4) gas explosive environment : Group IIA IIB IIC

  5) Zone 21, Zone 22

  6) Temperature class: T1 to T6

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