18W SMD led explosion proof lighting

18W SMD led explosion proof lighting


18W SMD led explosion proof lighting 1. Upper LED quality 2. Prompt shipment 3. Volume production facility; application:coal mine,oilfield,refinery,chemical factory,warehouse,refrigerator etc.

18W SMD led explosion proof lighting Specification:



Input Voltage

AC 85V-250V 

power factor


LED Quantity


Cable specification




Luminous Flux


canning material

tempered glass

18W SMD led explosion proof lighting advantage:

1. Adopt 18-30W high efficiency single integrated LED as light source. its thermal conductivity is high, light decay is small, there is no effect of double image;

2. unique heat dissipation and lamp case integration design, it could effectively diffuse thermal conduction, thus reduces the inner temperature of lamp and safeguard 50000 hour life of LED source.

3. the lamp surface has been made the anodic oxidation and antiseptic treatment, structure is tight and graceful, have IP65 standard. It also has good performance in anticorrosion, waterproof and dustproof;

4. energy-saving effect is obvious, we use the high efficiency LED light source to equip with high efficiency power supply,compare with the sodium lamp may save above 60% energy.

5 green environmental protection, have no pollution, without lead, mercury and any other pollution elements, there is no any pollution to environment.

6. High color rendering property, made the object's color is more realistic and clearer.The vision will be more comfortable, and it also enhance the worker' working efficiency.

7. Adopt constant current constant voltage to control, it is suitable for wide voltage (AC85V-250V) , this protect the power system, avoid noise pollution because of ballast aroused, it also avoided stimulation and fatigue which is brought in the work.

8. Decoration effect is extremely good, use the special surface treatment, the appearance may choose several colors, installment is simple, disassembly is convenient and applicable scope is broad.

18W SMD led explosion proof lighting Features:

1 Enclosure is die casted of aluminum alloy with high voltage electrostatic powder coated surface after shot blasted.

2 Smart structure with aesthetic appearance.

3 Compound explosion protection types to ensure the explosion proof property.

4 Transparent cover is injected of engineering plastic, with good impact resistance.

5 Signal colors options: red, yellow, blue, green.

6 Special designed sealing structure to ensure ingress protection IP65.

7 Various mounting methods to suitable for different sites.

8 Exposed fasteners are of high corrosion resistance stainless steel.

9 Steel conduit or cable wirings.

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