High Power 18pcs 9W LED Recessed Downlight Lamp Dimmable

High Power 18pcs 9W LED Recessed Downlight Lamp Dimmable


High Power 18pcs 9W LED Recessed Downlight Lamp Dimmable 90LM/W, led ceiling lamp,white.Factory Wholesale free shipping

High Power 18pcs 9W LED Recessed Downlight Lamp Dimmable Specification:

1)Model Number:CL2028

2)LED Down light Size:Diameter 138MM ,height:65MM,Hole size:125mm

3)LED Down light souce:High Power LED 9/12*1W

4)LED Down light Interface:2PIN short terminals

5)Input Votage:AC 220-240V 50-60HZ

6)LED Lumens:90-100lm/w


8)Color: warm white3000k ,pure white4000k, cool white 6000k


10)Working Temperature"(WT):-20-65°(Ta=25)

11)Enviroment Temperature(ET)-20-80°

12)No UV or IR Radiation

13)Lens Angle:38°- 60°;

14)IP Code: IP54;

15)Certificate: CE, Rohs;

16)Harmonic Distortion:0.94.

17)Package size:145*145*100mm/pcs 75*31*32cm/30pcs

Advantages of led down light:

1.Energy Conservation: saving 85% energy consumption comparing with incandescent lamp, 45% comparing with fluorescent lamp;

2.Environmental Friendly:hazadous substances free( no lead(Pb) and mercury),conformed to RoHS instruction;

3.Low Carbon: Low power consuption and low caron emissions to propose "low carbon life from every lamp";

4.LED package by ourslves, we adopting patened technology to plant LED;

5.Alluminum Shell Mould opened by ourseves;6.High Automaticity: automatic machine ensures efficiency.


1.Direct replacement of traditional ceiling light for its easy-application.

2.Specially used as it is environmnetal-friendly,which has no UV or IR Radiation

3.Widely used in supermaket,showroom,school,hospital,church,gallery,houses and other places for its long life span and energy-saving

High Power 18pcs 9W LED Recessed Downlight Lamp Dimmable1

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