GU10 3.5W LED Downlight

GU10 3.5W LED Downlight


This LED light is super efficient, delivering almost 100 Lumens(brightness) per Watt.

When buying LED lights, its important to look at the brightness.

This light is also dimmable when using a compatible LED dimmer modules for bell press dimmers. Normal rotary style dimmers should work fine.

GU10 3.5W LED Downlight Specification:

- Power consumption: 3.5Watt
- Lumens/Flux: 300lm
- Dimmable: Yes
- Voltage: 220V AC
- Colour: Warm White
- Light Angle: 30Deg
- Base: GU10
- Dimensions: 50x55mm
- Model: 3.5WWGU10D


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