Warm White 5w GU10 Led Bulbs Recessed Lighting

Warm White 5w GU10 Led Bulbs Recessed Lighting


Warm White 5w GU10 Led Bulbs Recessed Lighting COB, (Chips on Board) multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. COB LEDs have great advantage of thermal resistance, larger cooling area, better lighting effect and high light efficacy.


1) It offers a market leading 360lm output and is perfect for work areas where a brighter light is needed.

2) It is a great replacement for 50w Halogen GU10 spotlight, but uses only 5w of power to run.

3) The powerful light output and precise 45 degree beam angle make it perfect for all manor of uses in the home, including lighting rooms that have slightly taller ceilings than most.

4) In comparison to other LED bulbs available, the slightly narrower beam angle and 360 lumen output will ensure the bulbs packs enough of a punch to reach floor and work surface level, even when placed in a higher ceiling

5) This retrofit LED bulb fits straight into most existing fittings but please refer to the listed specifications should you wish to double check the LEDs fitting size.

Warm White 5w GU10 Led Bulbs Recessed Lighting Specification:

Power Source:corded-electric

Type of Bulb:LED

Base Type:GU10

Luminous Flux:360lm

Wattage:5 watts

Incandescent equivalent:50 watts

Bulb Features:Not Dimmable

Color Temperature:5500 Kelvin

Color Rendering Index (CRI):80

Bulb Diameter:50 millimeters

Bulb Length:58 millimeters


Proprietary Optics Lens enabling glare-free uniform lighting for all working environments

1 Piece of 5W COB LED as lighting source. It provides a very pleasing light that is uniform in output.

Environmental protection, no mercury and hazardous substances.

As a replacement of traditional 50W halogen GU10 lamp

High color rendering index, CRI > 80

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