Dimmable 12.5W Standard Edison 10 120V A19 LED Bulb

Dimmable 12.5W Standard Edison 10 120V A19 LED Bulb


The A19 LED Light Bulb is a great, energy efficient light bulb that is a great replacement for your incandescent light bulbs. This LED light bulb is a standard Edison base that easily screws into your already existing sockets. A19 LED light bulbs have a lifespan of 17 years, and are backed by a manufacturer warranty for three years. The A19 LED Light Bulb is a much healthier and safer light bulb when compared to the old incandescent bulbs. The A19 LED Light Bulb contains no mercury and also produces no UV rays.

The A19 LED light bulb is a 12.5 watt bulb that is equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. The color temperature of this LED light bulb is 2700K and produces a warm white color. The lumen output of these A19 LED light bulbs is 810 Lumens and provides beautiful illumination. With the lower wattage used by the LED light bulbs you can save up to 80% on lighting your home. On average you will be able to save up $143 in lighting costs per year with every LED light bulb you use to replace incandescent light bulbs in your home. Another great feature of the LED light bulbs is that they are also created to be dimmable. A19 LED light bulbs also has one of the highest CRI (color rendering index) ratings, the CRI rating is 83 making the color accuracy almost equivalent to standard daylight.

We have put thoroughly tested the A19 LED light bulb and can confidently state that this is a great LED light bulb. Replace your current incandescent light bulbs with the A19 LED light bulb and save money and not be affected by the ban against incandescent bulbs that takes effect in 2012.

Dimmable 12.5W Standard Edison 10 120V A19 LED Bulb Specification:

  • Bulb Base: A19 (Standard Edison
  • Lumen Output: 810 Lumens
  • Wattage: 12.5 Watts
  • Lumens Per Watt: 65
  • CRI: 83 Color Accuracy
  • Color Temperature: 2700K (Warm White)
  • Life Span: 17 Years

Dimmable 12.5W Standard Edison 10 120V A19 LED Bulb Features:

  • 17 Year Lifespan
  • Direct Replacement for Standard Incandescent Bulbs
  • No UV Rays
  • No Mercury
  • Dimmable

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